Accepted papers

Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate of COLSEC Workshop: 57%


  • A Dynamic End-to-End Security for Coordinating Multiple Protections within a Linux Desktop, Jeremy Briffaut, Martin Perez, Christian Toinard (ENSI de Bourges/LIFO)
  • Modelling, Verification, and Formal Analysis of a Security Properties in a P2P System, Sam Sanjabi, Franck Pommereau (LACL, Université de Paris-Est)
  • Towards Efficient Collaboration in Cyber Security, Peter Hui, Joe Bruce, Alex Endert, Glenn Fink, Michelle Gregory, Daniel Best, Liam McGrath (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
  • Secure Interworking with P2PSIP and IMS, Xianghan Zheng, Vladimir Oleshchuk (University of Agder)