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Date2009, January, 12th PlaceLIFO, Université d'Orléans, Salle de réunion 1 (1st floor)


8h30Registration, opening
9h00Entanglement without nonlocality
Hewitt-Horsman clare
9h30Halfway Up To the Mathematical Infinity II. Non-Descreteness, Non-Sequentiality, and Non-Locality of Post-Cantorian Transfinite Designs and the Prospectives of Quantum Both Computing and Formal Reasoning
Belaga, Edward G.
10h00Computability with continuous-time dynamical systems
Daniel S. Graça
10h30Cofee break
10h45Modelling of Complex Systems: Systems as dataflow machines
Daniel Krob
11h15Algebraic Characterization of Computable and Complexity-Theoretic Analysis
Walid Gomaa
11h45Computations in hyperbolic spaces
Maurice Margenstern
12h15Lunch break
14h00The Infinity Computer and Numerical Calculus
Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
15h00The Computational Power of Observed Quantum Turing Machines
Simon Perdrix
15h30Register computations on ordinals
Ryan Bissell-Siders
16h00Cofee break
16h15Automata on infinite linear orders
Olivier Carton
16h45The Computing Power of Self-assembling Tilings on the Whole Plane
Florent Becker
17h15Decidability in continuous time dynamical systems
Emmanuel Hainry
17h45Discussion, closing