Dr. J.-F. Lalande

I am currently part of the Security and Distributed Systems team of the LIFO laboratory. Since sept. 2013, I am also part of the CIDRE team.

My areas of interest are the security of operating systems, the security of C embedded software (e.g. smart cards) and the security of Android applications. I work on access control policies, intrusion detection tools and software code analysis. I am currently focusing countermeasures that can help to defeat malware that targets Android's applications.

Research projects

I am currently involved in the following research projects:

  • ANR LYRICS: Lightweight privacY-enhancing cRyptography for mobIle Contactless Services.
    In this project I am focused on the security of Android applications involved in NFC transactions.
  • ANR AGAPE: Parameterized and exact graph algorithms.
    In this project I work on the implementation and benchmarking of exponential graph algorithms.

About Me

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