Workshop on Kinetic Theory and Socio-Economical Equilibria Modelling

Date: 2007 March 15 (14H) - March 17 (12H)
Location: Orléans France (see more details)

Organizers : S. Cordier (MAPMO, Orleans) , L. Pareschi (Ferrara, Italy) and C. Piatecki (LEO, Orleans)
More any information, please contact one of the organizers.

Short description : This workshop is aimed to gather the communities of mathematicians, physicians, informaticians and economists interested by applying to the study of socio-economics equilibria the tools developped in kinetic theory, microscopic dynamics, statistical physics, numerical methods, game theory... :


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Location (details) and pratical informations

The workshop will take place in the thesis hall of the building C of the University departement "DEG" (Droit-Economie-Gestion) of the University of Orleans,
See the map in position E-5.
Tram station : Université-Chateau.

How to come in Orleans (in french)

Part of the participants will be in Grand Hotel and part in Hotel Abeille

The workshop starts on thursday at 14h. If you want to join us for lunch please contact S. Cordier. The participants are invited to a dinner on thursday evening in the center of Orleans. Details will be given during the workshop.

The lunch of friday will be organized on the Orleans's campus. For saturday, a "working breakfast" will be organized. Details will be given on this page soon.