Special session on Analysis and numerics of kinetic models in applied sciences

within the framework of the french-italian conference on mathematics and its applications in Torino, Italy;

date: 6 july 2006

Organizers : S. Cordier (Orleans) and L. Pareschi (Ferrara)

Short description of the contents of the special session: : The aim of this session is to present some applications of kinetic modeling, and recent mathematical or numerical advances in this subject. Kinetic modelling has been recently used for example in economy (the collisions correspond to exchange), in environment science (air pollution, traffic flows), or in bio-mathematics (aerosols, chemotaxis). Kinetic models are intrinsically defined in large dimensions spaces which leads to very large simulations and scientific computations difficulties. This justifies the developpement of new numerical methods and mathematical theory to justify approximate models. Finally, many Franco-Italian collaborations already exists in this field and this project will be held within the frame of the GREFI-MEFI project

We acknowledge financial support from GREFI-MEFI project , GDR GRIP and GDR CHANT

Tentative schedule of the special session: