Africain Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
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IMHOTEP is an african journal of pure and applied mathematics which publish original research articles and proceedings of Colloquia written in English and in French.

A paper is accepted for publication after a blind refereeing procedure. The referee may be an editor or a solicited expert.

For more precisions, see the instructions to the authors

Where does the name IMHOTEP come from ?

IMHOTEP was a great well-read scientist and architect in antic Egypt, whose first stricking achievements go back to the year 2778 A.D. He was an adviser of Pharaon Djoser, for whom he buil the Saqqarah complex. He initiated the building of the first pyramids.

The first and the second volume of the IMHOTEP journal have been published with the help of MAPMO-UMR 7349 laboratory at the University of Orléans (France).

We thank our collegue of Yaoundé, Alfred Zamé, for his technical collaboration.