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Instructions for authors

IMHOTEP is an african journal of pure and applied mathematics which publish original research articles and proceedings of Colloquia written in English and in French.

Papers are submitted for publication by sending two copies to the Editor in Chief of the IMHOTEP Journal,

David Békollé
B.P. 8012,
Fax n 23-65-75.

The copies must be of good quality, typed on one side, double spaced, with generous margins and consecutively numbered pages.

The first page must include the four following items :

  1. a descriptive title ;
  2. a short summary in English and in French ;
  3. the 2000 AMS Subject Classification representing the subjects of the article ;
  4. a list of key words describing the subject matter of the article and taken from it.
The last two items should appear in a footnote. A list of the AMS Subject Classification numbers may be found in the annual Subject Index of Mathematical Reviews, published with the December issue starting in 1990 (or follow this link).

The diagrams must be drawn on separate sheets using black ink. They should be of high quality, and be approximately twice the intended size.

A paper is accepted for publication after a blind refereeing procedure. The referee may be an editor or a solicited expert.

Authors should supply their fax numbers and their E-mail addresses when available. These will be printed after the postal address.

Final Note : No copyright transfer agreement is required for publication in the IMHOTEP Journal.