Preparing the installation

You need the EO (Evolutionary Objects) library, and the CHROMALGEMA sources. After compilation, the required disk space is

stands for all benchmarks compiled

EO installation

Get a recent EO snasphot there, or check the SourceForge site of the EO project.
Download it in your working directory (e.g. /home/whoami/work), and uncompress it. This creates an eo directory there.  Change directory to my_path_to_eo directory (e.g. by prompt$> cd /home/whoami/work/eo).

Depending upon the shell you are running, run
sh_prompt$> ./autogen  under sh, bash
csh_prompt$> sh ./autogen  under csh, tcsh
(this needs recent versions of automake, autoheader, aclocal and autoconf...)

Then follow the instructions from the README file. That is: run
prompt$> ./configure
prompt$> make
If you want to check the libraries (recommanded), run
prompt$> make check
If you have Doxygen, you can build a documentation by running
prompt$> make doc

CHROMALGEMA first installation

Create your my_path_to_chromato directory (e.g. /home/whoami/work), and change directory to it.
prompt$> cd my_path_to_chromato (e.g. cd /home/whoami/work)
Retrieve the full repository tree using the following commands
- as a SourceForge project developper via ssh
under sh, bash    sh_prompt$> export CVS_RSH=ssh
under csh, tcsh   csh_prompt$> setenv CVS_RSH ssh
prompt$> cvs -z3 co -P chromalgema
where yourpseudo is your SourceForge pseudo. This will ask for your SourceForge password.
Note: you can put in your .cshrc or .bashrc file the export or setenv  command, to have to correct environment once for all.

- through anonymous CVS (this is not yet activated !)
prompt$> cvs -z3 co -P chromalgema

Both commands will create under my_path_to_chromato a directory chromalgema

Change to directory chromalgema
prompt$> cd chromalgema
(e.g. you should now be in /home/whoami/work/chromalgema)

Edit the file Makefile.config and change the path to the EO library, given by the variable DIR_EO:
DIR_EO = my_path_to_eo/eo/src (e.g. DIR_EO = /home/whoami/work/eo/src)

Then make the executables you need, which will be created in
(e.g. /home/whoami/work/chromalgema/bin). This requires g++ version >= 3.2.

if you want only one component case, create Chromalgema1 by
prompt$> make dim1

if you want only two components case, create Chromalgema2 by
prompt$> make dim2

if you want only three components case, create Chromalgema3 by
prompt$> make dim3

If you want all cases, the global command
prompt$> make all
will create all three executables.

In order
you can run the executables from anywhere, you have to change your PATH variable
- if you run sh, bash, in the .bashrc file in your home directory, add the lines
export PATH

export PATH)

- if you run csh, tcsh, in the .cshrc file in your home directory, add the lines
setenv PATH

setenv PATH

You are now in position to use CHROMALGEMA in any directory of your choice. See the Using CHROMALGEMA section to check the files you need.