Research topics

I'm interested in the theoretical and numerical study of kinetic equations (Boltzmann, Vlasov, Fokker-Planck...) and in their applications. These models usually appear when considering plasma physics, astrophysics, sprays, and more recently are applied, for example, in bio-mathematics, economie, population dynamics.

My first research results concern the existence, uniqueness and positivity of solutions by means of semigroups theory, and the derivation by means of asymptotic analysis of a macroscopic model from a microscopic ones in the study of ionic engines used to correct the satellites trajectoriess, see my Ph.D. thesis and/or related publications.

Following, I considered the numerical approximation of kinetic equations, in particular I've studied some asymptotic preserving shcemes; and the analytical study of a conservation law with one sided Lipshitz coefficients. I've, also worked on the numerical simulation of human breathing and of the dispersion of spray in the upper breathing areas.

Below I list the more recent topics on which I'm working with their deteiled description. The key link between them is the application of statistical models to natural (biological or geophysical) sciences, and their transdisciplinarity.

  • Bubbles growth during volcanic eruptions
  • Firing rates study for interacting neuron populations
  • Modelling cells adhesion