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The FullSWOF Project

FullSWOF is a free software distributed under CeCILL-V2 (GPL compatible) licence since 2011. It stands Full Shallow Water equations for Overland Flow and exists in two versions for 1D and for 2D cases.

In this software, the Shallow Water (or Saint-Venant in french) equations are solved using finite volumes and numerical methods especially chosen for hydrodynamic purposes (transitions between wet and dry areas, small water heights...). For more details, we refer to the publication list (below) and/or to the documentation which is enclosed with the downloaded sources.

The code is designed to facilitate further improvements; e.g. a new friction law can easily be added in the libfriction library. Please feel free to modify the source code (paying attention to the enclosed licence) and do not hesitate to contact us for informations. News / recent developpment :
- March 2015 Spatialization of the friction coefficients
- July 2014 A laminar friction law has been added
- September 2013 Windows executables are available
- May 2013 Infiltration coefficients are spatialized
- November 2012 A SkelGIS parallel version (developped by Hélène Coullon)
- July 2012 A Graphical user interface is now available (developped by Simon Robillard).
- project CEMRACS 2012

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The code is available on the sourcesup repository.
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How to contact us?

Persons in charge for the code developpement: Frédéric Darboux (1D, 2D and UI), Olivier Delestre (2D), Christian Laguerre (2D and UI) and Carine Lucas (1D).
You can contact us using

Scientists in charge: Stéphane Cordier, Frédéric Darboux, Olivier Delestre, François James and Carine Lucas.

Developpers: Olivier Delestre (2D), Christian Laguerre (2D), Carine Lucas (1D) and Minh-Hoang Le (2D).
Former developpers: Pierre-Antoine Ksinant (2D), Hélène Coullon (SkelGIS parallel version), Simon Robillard (Graphical user interface).

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