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Current and upcoming projects

Intensive Erasmus Program

Physical Education

On the initiative of the University College Zealand, Denmark together with 9 European universities, the Intensive Erasmus Program aims to develop innovative teaching methods and promote international mobility.  The intensive program in physical education takes 2 years and gives the participating students and teachers the opportunity to work together on the issue of social inclusion in the teaching of PE.  Thanks to the European funds, 36 students and 12 teachers can spend two weeks together once a year to exchange and develop their practices.

Social Relations at School

In June 2014, students and teachers from 7 European universities met in Kalmar, Sweden to exchange practices about social relations at schools.


ESPE is part of the Symposion network, the European Network for Teacher Education.  This cooperation allows us to develop the European dimension of teacher training and to improve our contacts with the partner institutes abroad. Together with our partners, we share information related to educational, political and cultural issues via our common website, as well as on annual meetings.  We have also developed common educational projects, such as the Intensive Erasmus Program in PE.  We hosted the annual Symposion meeting in the Academic Headquarter in Orléans from 13 to 15 May 2013.

Partner University Fund

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Previous projects