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Service Universitaire d'Information et d'Orientation - SUIO


Le SUIO (Service Universitaire d'Information et d'Orientation) vous accueille, vous écoute, vous informe et vous conseille dans la construction de votre parcours de formation et de votre projet professionnel

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Nos coordonnées

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Our missions

 Information, guidance, advice

- Information and documentation on the courses of study

- Individual interviews and counselling

- Help in building your career plan

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Higher education forums and exhibition in the Centre region

Let's meet up! Here is a list of the forums and exhibitions we will be attending in 2013-2014.

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Personal and professional projects

The PPP is a compulsory unit in the first or second year of a Licence that provides students with an environment conducive to the preparation of a personal and professional project. This experimental exercise is conducted in small groups supervised by an instructor. The instructor (a lecturer or a Doctorate student) chairs the group for six 2-hour sessions. The students are required to work alone and in a team.

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