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Disabled students

Disabled students


  • Do you suffer from temporary or permanent difficulties due to a health disorder, a sensory, motor, psychological or cognitive or other handicap, or due to a particular situation (pregnancy, hospitalisation, etc.)?


  • Orléans University has a department dedicated to helping you to succeed.
    • Our team will welcome you, inform you and help you to build your university and professional projects.
    • A friendly place to talk and work with a specially adapted workstation.
    • Expertise to prepare together (the university community, external partners) accessibility to living quarters and information.

Different capacities, different studies:

 Access to knowledge and qualifications

      • Personalisation of courses with the teaching staff
      • Help with studies (notes takers, interpreters, educational support, etc.);
      • Special arrangements for exams (secretary, extended time, etc.);
      • Adaptation of educational documents (transcription into Braille, enlargements, etc.);
      • Loans and help to acquire specialised equipment.


University life

      • Help with mobility, meals and daily needs;
      • Support in your administrative formalities;
      • Help in finding suitable accommodation nearby;
      • Promotion of meetings with students and access to access to activities and culture through the Etudihand association.

Contact us as quickly as possible so we can prepare your arrival together


        (continuous assessment exams can start very early!)


Université d'Orléans
Maison de l'étudiant
Rue de Tours B.P. 6749
45067 ORLÉANS Cedex 2
Tel: 02 38 41 71 76
Fax: 02 38 41 71 73
E-mail: passerelle.handicap@univ-orleans.fr


Every time you register for a new course, contact the University department of Preventive Medicine and for the Promotion of Health in order to benefit from the special arrangements for exams!

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