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ESPE has been working with universities and teacher-training institutes abroad for many years.  Three types of cooperation enable students and the trainers to exchange the teaching methods with educators from other countries. ESPE participates in student exchanges by the Erasmus and Erasmus+ programs; and proposes a 4-week placement program for our outgoing and incoming students. Since 2012, ESPE participates in the Symposion Network.

ESPE can offer a 1-week professional stay to teachers and staff members from our partner universities.

List of Erasmus partnership


4-week internship

Every year, our students can experience a 4-week internship in an elementary school abroad and we also welcome trainees from our partners for a placement in local elementary schools.

Students will have the opportunity to :

  • Develop linguistic competences and cultural knowledge
  • Develop different teaching skills through comparing different methods
  • Teach their mother tongue as a foreign language

This experience is beneficial for their future pupils at schools in the region.

List of our partners



List of Symposion partners

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