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DU Bridge FLE (DUP)

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A University Diploma for students in exile.


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The DU Bridge FLE for Students in Exile is a training course available at the French Institute since 2020 and made for all students in exile (asylum seekers, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection or refugees).

This training course aims to:

  • Allow migrant students to acquire an autonomous level in French in order to integrate a Bachelor/Master/Doctorate type of training, with the acquisition of cross-cultural skills enabling them to master the codes of the French university sytem;
  • Support students in the construction of their university and professional project.

From the first levels, this training offers cultural activities, vocational guidance, and support for university and socio-professional integration. 

From the B2 level, students can follow a speciality class within the College of their choice. 

Duration: Each DUP lasts 1 semester (12 weeks + an exam session)

Class size: between 10 and 20 students 

Rhythm: between 235 and 248 hours per semester according to the student’s levels, e.g. about 20h/week. 


This training is available for 4 levels: B1.1, B1.2, B2 and C1. Students, on condition that they pass the exams, can validate one level per semester and obtain a diploma from the University of Orléans (DU). 

Each training course consists of a core curriculum with the DUEF students and a specific pathway for integration and vocational guidance. For the programme details, please refer to the study booklet at the bottom of the page.

Obtaining a DU Bridge B2 or C1 allows students to keep studying in French universities without having to pass a language test.


This training programme is reserved for persons with a status of asylum seeker, refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection.


  • Being the owner of an equivalent level to the French Baccalaureate or of a secondary school leaving certificate in one’s country of origin;
  • Not having French as a native language or as a language of schooling;
  • Having acquired an A2 level for a September or January start.


If all prerequisites are fulfilled, each student must complete an application form. For September 2024, the application form is an online procedure available on our page Registration.


Application deadline:

  • For a start of the university year in September 2024, 15 May 2024
  • For a start of the university year in January 2025, 15 October 2024

Training period:

  • 1st semester: from September to December
  • 2nd semester: from January to April


This training programme is co-founded by the University of Orleans and by:

  • The 104 Programme about Integration policy for newcomers, including refugees carried by the Loiret Prefecture.



POC responsible for students in exile at the University of Orléans: Nina RENDULIC 

French Institute registrar’s office: