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The Laboratory of Woody Plants and Crops Biology UPRES EA1207 was created under this label in January, 2000. This day, it is constituted of 4 research teams called respectively:

Trees and Responses to Hydric and Environmental Constraints (Pr Stéphane MAURY and coll.) ;

Entomology and Integrated Biology (Pr Steeve THANY and coll.);

Cell Signaling (Dr Sabine CARPIN and coll.);

Plants Lignans (Pr Eric LAINE and coll.), this last team being located in the Scientific Campus of Chartres.

 All the lab is associated to INRAE since 2017 in the form of unit under contract (USC INRAE 1328 LBLGC).

LBLGC regroups 20 teachers-researchers in different domains such as molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, physiology, ecophysiology, entomology and ecology (5 professors, 4 assistant professors, 11 lecturers), 7 technicians and 8 PhD students.

In the present five-year contract with the Ministry, LBLGC focalizes all its research activities on topic Plants / Environment Relationship.

Research team leading by S. MAURY orientates most of its activity on responses of poplars to environmental stress, such as drought tolerance, at a molecular and physiological level.

S. THANY and his collaborators carry their researches on study of physiological mechanisms implicated in the variations of poplar sensitivity to insects attacks, as well as the analysis of relations trees / insects facing introductions of exotic species.

The research project of the S. CARPIN team focuses on the study of MSP signaling pathways, trying to understand how those signaling pathway could permit plants to conserve specific responses to signals and continue to grow during drought.

Researches developed by E. LAINE team on the Plants Lignans is fully integrated into the development policy of the department of Eure and Loir and of the region Centre-Val de Loire.

All research activities of LBLGC are supported by regional, national and international contracts but also by industrial contracts.


Pr Steeve THANY, manager

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