Université d'Orléans


AVENIR, which supports and promotes university education for professional integration and the success of students, brings together the central schooling department, the students observatory, the SUIO, the CEVU, the ESEE and the CREAM.
It is located on the ground floor of the "Maison de l'Etudiant".


  • To prepare, report and follow up the CEVU sessions,
  • To monitor the commissions and technical groups working on studies and student life,
  • To harmonise and modernise all the procedures of student dossiers (registrations, admissions, exams, granting of qualifications),
  • To coordinate the APOGEE software and deliver the training: Application for the Organisation and Management of Students and Teachers,
  • To provide technical and legal assistance for the administrative and educational departments,
  • To work with the elected student representatives and associations,
  • To receive foreign students when they register for the first time, excluding exchanges,
  • To conduct surveys to track and assess the training and the students' situations,
  • To receive, inform and advise high school pupils and students,
  • To prepare students for their professional integration and support them when they are looking for their first job,
  • Digital instruction and content. Support and training for teachers, lecturers-researchers, personnel and students in accessing, using and producing multimedia educational resources.