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Continuity of Learning

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The University of Orléans, with the Learning Lab, has ensured the support of teachers in implementing a continuity of learning during the entirety of the Covid-19 health crisis.

During lockdown, teachers were trained to:

  • Design, adapt and plan a course remotely;
  • Share educational resources;
  • Familiarize themselves with new tools (Teams);
  • Offer online assessment activities via the CELENE platform.

On CELENE, the “Adapting your teaching to remote learning” course was created in order to guide teachers as efficiently as possible.

Here is a summary of that course:

Whether face-to-face or remote, the development of a teaching method encouraging student learning is based on three mutually dependent elements according to the principle of educational coherence (or alignment):

  • Defining the learning goals depending on the context and on the global programme of the course in which the teaching is integrated: what are the skills that the course aims to develop among students? What will they need to be able to do at the end of the course?
  • Choosing assessment strategies and methods depending not only on these goals, but also on what may have been taught satisfyingly during this special health context. 
  • Defining educational activities and methods consistent with the learning goals as well as with the assessment methods. They also depend on the tools available. 

Present a Course on Teams


The “Teaching with Teams” course on CELENE was created in order to guide you in your use of Teams.

This course is divided in different chapters:

  • Linking CELENE and Teams together;
  • Logging in on Teams;
  • Creating a team;
  • Presenting a course in Teams;
  • A FAQ;
  • A discussion forum (if you have any question on Teams, this forum is made for you!).

You will have access to: tutorials, a video of the “Teaching remotely with Teams” training course

A memo on Teams is also available, feel free to download it!

Offer Activities on CELENE

The online course platform of the University, CELENE, based on Moodle, allows you to create tailor-made activities: interactive exercises (with for instance the H5P module), polls and other type of questions with Wooclap, tests, forums…

Do not hesitate to consult the Moodle Tools Guide, a true memory aid!

Communicate with Students

In order to guide them, pass them the instructions for the courses and the exams, reassure them, but also favour collaborative work and exchanges between them.

Indeed, the interaction with other students, the confrontation of points of view and experiences, and, basically, cognitive and social links all favour learning and the constitution of knowledge.

Maintain the engagement and the motivation of your students through Course Retroaction Techniques, debates during virtual classes, or by initiating thought via a question on the discussion forum of CELENE after class. 

Assess Students

Implement Remote Assessments

Various assessment methods are available while using the digital services offered by the University, notably CELENE. The use of mainstream tools (Dropbox, Google Drive…) must be excluded within the framework of knowledge assessment since they do not guarantee the good proceeding of exam sessions, the security of the evaluation feedback, the good use of personal data (GDRP) as well as the archiving of your courses and exams.

Student papers or exam productions in dematerialised versions must all be centralised on course spaces on CELENE to avoid their loss and to let the institution archive them.

Since September 2020, there must be no removal of student-produced data.

Students should not be unsubscribed from CELENE courses during the year, do not remove their productions either.

More details in the “CELENE – Assessing Remotely with Tests and Exams” course.