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Our Training Courses

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The Learning Lab designs:

  • The “teaching support” training plan for teachers and teacher-researchers of the University (click here to see the course details and to register);
  • The training programme for new teacher-researchers;
  • On demand special training courses, answering the needs of educational teams.

New for 2023: Discover Our Training Courses through Teaser Videos!

“Designing digital resources that are accessible to all” training course

“Creating interactive content with H5P” training course

“Creating, inserting and archiving your videos with UO Media”

All information and registration links for our training courses are available in our agenda

You can also discover our section Teaching Support on CELENE where all resources to support educational innovation are gathered.

The “Getting trained to teach in higher education” MOOC on FUN MOOC.

Cartotalents - With educational initiative sheets, this chart of educational talents offers the possibility to identify and to contact directly your teacher colleagues in order to explore and exchange educational practices, and more globally to talk about educational development.