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vignette du mooc spectroscopie

Spectroscopy MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): Basis and Applications:

This MOOC was shared on the FUN MOOC platform for the first time in spring 2020.

It was developed by the University of Orléans, in partnership with various laboratories present of the Orléans campus of the CNRS (CEMHTI, GREMI, ICARE, LPC2E and ICMN).



This project was financed by the European Union and the Centre-Val de Loire Region (ERDF project), as well as by two LabEx: Voltaire and Caprysses. 

This MOOC’s goals are:

  • To illustrate the diversity of applications of spectroscopy in the fields of materials, environment, energy…;
  • To pass on scientific content;
  • To display original experimental techniques, that may be unique, on the Orléans site.

No fewer than 25 people have participated to the realisation of this MOOC! Educational engineers, audio-visual specialists, teachers-researchers, doctoral students…


The MOOC in a few numbers:

infographie bilan mooc


3,964 people registered
77 countries represented
398 certifications delivered
199 posts on the forum