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CNRS Tenure Track Position at INEM Orléans

Tenure Track Position on Microbiota & Physiopathology

CNRS is opening a Chair of Junior Professor on Microbiota & Physiopathology at INEM Orléans: after 5 years with 28 hours teaching /year (or 42h TP/TD) on this chair, the successful candidate is intended to be tenured as CNRS Research Director (DR2).

CNRS is reinforcing investment in germ-free mouse service in TAAM support unit (UAR44) in Orleans and wishes to establish a new research team dedicated to Microbiota and Physiopathology in our INEM research unit (UMR7355).

We are looking for a young dynamic candidate at senior post-doc level to join INEM to establish his/her original research project integrating the role of microbiota on host response in inflammatory models, which are fully established. The ideal candidate has strong scientific background with an excellent publication record securing competitive research funding. A start-up package and a PhD position will be provided to help efficient start and independent grant support.


The full job profile and all the information needed to apply are available from the CNRS Biology Institute website:

Any inquiries about this postion may be sent to Valérie Quesniaux, head of INEM (

INEM Orleans has a track record of >400 publications analyzing mechanisms of inflammation underlying many diseases. Danger signals released following different cell stress, damage or infection activating DNA/RNA dependent cGAS/STING and inflammasome pathways are of special recent interest at INEM. We investigate disease pathways using both state of the art murine models of human diseases and human cohort studies. With already 22 collaborative publications and 3 ANR projects in microbiota and inflammation, we welcome the opportunity to reinforce this research aspect with a new dedicated team.