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L'INEM publie dans Nature Immunology

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L'INEM publie dans la revue "Nature Immunology", en collaboration avec l'Université de Lausanne

Activation of pDC depends on commensal skin flora

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Ryffel Bernhard

Wound Repair – Activation of pDC depends on commensal skin flora and CXCL10/DNA complex formation

Skin wound healing depends on neutrophils and plasmacytoid dendritic cells, pDC, as depletion of either cell prevent the repair process. Neutrophils produce the inflammatory mediator CXCL10, which has also antimicrobial effect killing commensal bacteria. Microbial DNA forms a complex with CXCL10, which is required for the recruitment and activation of pDC, which produce the inflammatory interferon type I required for the repair process which depends on T cells (IL17/IL22) and several growth factor from macrophages and stroma cells. This process is impaired in absence of commensal bacteria as found in germ free mice.