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Instrumentation des grands observatoires au sol et spatiaux

Nançay Radiohéliographe

This National Action for Observation deals with the OSUs' ability to design, act as a general contractor, implement, and ensure the functioning of tools (in particular focal ones) for ground-based research infrastructures and space missions that provide data accessible to the community at large. It involves considerable equipment, open to the entire French community, with a strong international presence, and their data are quickly made publicly available.

  • Instrumentation of ground-based interferometers and large telescopes:

This phase combines:

-the resources of the stations on French territory (OHP, TBL, Nançay Station)

-the resources of international companies (ILT, CFHT, THEMIS, IRAM, ESO, CTA, SKA)

-projects within the framework of bilateral agreements

Specificities: : high angular resolution, high dynamic, wide-field imaging, multi-object and integral-field spectroscopy, heterodyne instrumentation, mitigation, phased array, bolometric cameras..., in a context in which many activities are outsourced in this industry.

Activities: general contractor, system aspects, creation of complete tools or subsystems, integration, tests and calibration, development of data acquisition and reduction software. 

Geographic distribution : Paris Institute of Earth Physics, Pythéas Institute, Côte d'Azur Observatory,  Midi-Pyrénées Observatory, Paris Observatory, Observatory for the Sciences of the Universe of Grenoble, Observatory for the Sciences of the Universe of Lyon, Aquitaine's Space Sciences Observatory, Centre region Space Sciences Observatory; AIM laboratory at the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission).