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Monitoring the Sun and the Earth's space environment, a long-term surveillance.

Station Radioastronomie de Nançay-OSUC

Monitoring the Sun and the Earth's space environment,: ANO6

Near-Earth objects and orbital debris as well as phenomena happening on the Sun's surface, in solar wind, or in the Earth's ionized environment may have an effect on how efficient and reliable the ground-based or space-based devices are, or endanger human life or health. Their operational forecast and their systematic monitoring are under intensive development in every country, and in particular in Europe within the framework of the SSA programme Space Situational Awareness of the European Space Agency. This is the remit of the ANO06, that, in addition to societal dimensions, has important scientific benefits, especially when it comes to understanding the solar cycles, on the heliosphere-Earth physics, and on the dynamic of the Earth's space environment. Furthermore, long-term monitoring provides the necessary data to explore other relations between the Sun and the Earth, such as the potential contribution of solar activity to climate change.

Involved OSU:

Strasbourg's School and Observatory of Earth Sciences,Midi-Pyrénées Observatory, Paris Observatory, Space Sciences Observatory in the Centre region, Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe of University Paris-South, Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Observatory