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Applying for a course at Polytech Orléans

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Application procedure for international students coming from a partner institution to Polytech Orléans

STEP 1: Nomination

International students need to be nominated by mail by their home international office to Polytech Orleans International Office

Information required for each nominated student:

  • Lastname
  • Firstname
  • Email address
  • Period of mobility

STEP 2: Online application

International students need to fill out the online application form and upload the following documents:

  • Copy of ID card or passport
  • Resume
  • Learning agreement
  • Transcripts of records
  • B2 Language certificate, French or English

Online application form:

Deadlines for application:

Fall semester: April 15th

Spring semester: October 15th

Teaching language:

French is the common teaching language.

Courses can be taught in English during:

  • the 4th year = master 1 in the TEAM department ( Technologies for Energy, Aerospace and Engines)
  • the fall semester of the 5th year = master 2 in the department of TEAM (Technologies for Energy, Aerospace and Engines), GC (Civil and geo environmental engineering), GPSE (engineering physics and embedded systems) and ICM (Innovations in Design and Materials)

International students can join us also for projects in English. Upon request and depending on the availability of the teaching staff). These projects can be awarded with ECTS depending of the length of the project.

Learning agreements:

International students can not pick up courses from different departments and levels.

The courses selected by the international students need to be taught in the same department, same level and same option otherwise courses will overlap. Polytech Orleans works on a continuous examination and the ECTS will be awarded to the students only if attending all the courses and passing the exams.

STEP 3: Admission decision

Polytech Orleans international office will send via email directly to the applicant his/her admission decision within a fortnight after the application documents have been received.

Admission letters can also be sent by regular mail for visa procedures upon request.

STEP 4: Online preregistration to the University of Orléans

Admitted students will receive the website link in order to make their online MOVEON preregistration.

Admitted students will be asked:

  • to complete their online MOVEON preregistration form
  • to download all the required documents listed on the MOVEON platform
  • to download the request form for an accommodation


The accommodation office of the central international office of the University of Orleans will help you find an accommodation only if they receive the accommodation application form together with all the required documents. The accommodation office works on a first arrived first served basis since they have a limited number of rooms and studios available.

There are possibilities to be housed on campus or in the city center in our dorms or with a host family.

International students can as well decide to find their own private accommodation.

International students will be able to make their CAF online registration once arrived in France. It’s the possibility for our students to get a financial help from the French government to pay for their accommodation.


Arrival in Orleans:

The international office will send you practical information regarding your arrival in Orleans and the orientation week (last week of August for the Fall semester & beginning of January for the Spring semester).

Attendance to the orientation week is compulsory.

Orientation Week: COMPULSORY!

Polytech Orleans international office will support international students with the administrative paperwork and procedures.


European students must hold their European health insurance card.

International students will have to make a free online application to the French Social Security upon their arrival in France.


More information on the University of Orléans Welcome Guide