Université d'Orléans

Student's card

The student's card certifies your status for the current academic year and covers your rights at the university:

When on the campus, you must always have your card about your person so that you can produce it when the university agents ask.

  • If you lose your student's card: go immediately to your Registrar. You will receive a new card for €10.
  • If your card is stolen: you will receive a new card free of charge from your Registrar in return for a declaration of theft from the police.
  • Refunds of balances

You will no longer be a student at Orléans university next year, and you want to claim a refund of the balance of your MONEO card. Nothing could be easier!

Go to a recharging terminal and select "Remboursement".

The balance is immediately transferred from your Atout'Centre card to your bank card.