Université d'Orléans

University fees

University fees are payable as a lump sum.
They are due to the university, irrespective of the length of the student's period of study.

In order to receive a student's card, it is necessary to first pay the national fees specified by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research.


National fees (*)

Additional registrations
National fees










ENGINEERING (Orléans Polytech)



Unregistered students



Passport to Culture (PAC)



Students' national health insurance



(*) The national fees are broken down as follows for the academic year 2013-2014:

  • €16 for the Fund for Student Unity and the Development of Student Initiatives (FSDIE)
  • €34 for the university library
  • €5.10 for the university's preventive medicine and health promotion department (SUMPPS)
  • The remainder is divided up between the university's central entities and the faculties.

Scholarship students are exonerated from paying registration fees and, where appropriate, national health insurance, but they must pay the fees for preventive medicine in higher education.

The total amount of the registration fees varies according to the diploma and, where appropriate, depending on your situation, the students' national insurance payments.

The amount of the contribution to the students' national health insurance system is determined each year by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. For 2013-2014, this amount is €211.

All the registration fees and national health insurance premiums are payable on the day of registration:

  • by bank card in all the registration centres on the Orléans campus and at the Bourges IUT
  • by bank or postal cheque, payable to "Monsieur l'Agent Comptable"
  • in cash to the accountant or one of the receivables stewards

Payments in three instalments are possible until 15 September inclusive for students paying the students' national health insurance premium and whose fees amount to between €300 and €800.

Because being a student costs money, Orléans university and its partners offer grants to support you on the road to success.