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University Health Service

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For your health, a multidisciplinary team of professionals welcomes you to Orléans, Chartres and Bourges, listens to you, informs you and guides you for free. 

Entrée du service

Service de santé universitaire (University Health Service)
9, rue de Tours
45072 Orléans cedex 2

Phone: 02 38 41 71 79
E-mail : for Student Medicine only

Open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Closed during school holidays.


This service, which is only for students, offers:

Consultations for studies and/or examination accommodations, blank year and scholarship continuation.

 Visit the page corresponding to your study site:

Health examinations

  • They are offered during a Bachelor's degree, a BUT,... on invitation. This appointment enables an exchange on your health and your life at the University, to answer questions, or any other point you would like to discuss with a nurse or doctor.

  • At the students' request, by appointment: medical certificates for work, medical advice and opinions

Interviews with doctors or nurses


Free vaccination for common vaccines (DTcP, MMR, Hepatitis B, meningitis)

Hearing and/or vision tests at the student's request

A rapid HIV test (TROD)

  • Rapid tests provide a result within a few minutes with a simple fingertip prick sample. To make an appointment, contact at: 02 38 41 71 79.

Specialised consultations

  •  With a psychologist

You are experiencing personal or family issues, isolation, stress, anxiety, depression, phobia, addiction, inhibition...?

Even if you are simply looking for an address where you can be listened to, do not hesitate to contact the university health service on 02 38 41 71 79.

A psychologist will see you as soon as possible for a one-time session or longer-term assistance.

These interviews are confidential and free.

  •  With a social worker

Adélaïde BUON is at your disposal.

Her role is to:
- Listen, advise and inform students in their university course, whatever their difficulties.

- If necessary, recommend the competent services.
- Process financial assistance application files.

You can contact her on:  02 38 49 49 52 or by e-mail:

  • With a dietician (Wednesday morning)

The dietician offers to assist and advise you to maintain your balance and benefit from a diet adapted to your nutritional needs, while taking into account your morphology, your eating habits and your lifestyle because each person is a unique individual.

Sophrology Workshop

The group classes enable you to discover sophrology and its numerous techniques in a friendly environment.

Throughout the sessions, you gradually learn how to manage your stress and emotions:
You learn how to breathe better, relax, stimulate your energy, release your tensions, refocus, and overall how to feel more relaxed to follow your university course.

The sessions are on Wednesdays from 12:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (from 4 October) at the University Health Service ("Service de santé universitaire") - 9 rue de Tours - 45100 Orléans, in front of the UFR LLSH (College of Humanities and Social Sciences), and we advise you to book:

          - via the dedicated form (soon available)

          - or by calling: 02 38 41 71 79.

Remote sites:

A doctor and a nurse's sessions for the compulsory medical examinations of the first year of a Bachelor's degree. Social worker on duty once a month at the Merleau-Ponty student residence (02 38 24 24 27 22)

  • Issoudun

Social worker occasionally on duty (5 Rue Georges Brassens - making an appointment: 02 38 49 49 52)

  • Châteauroux 

Social worker occasionally on duty (Centre des études supérieures - Maison des étudiants- 90 avenue Fr. Mitterrand - making an appointment: 02 38 49 49 52)