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Log On Your Digital Accounts

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Here you will find all the information regarding the activation of your various digital accounts: ENT, Microsoft Office 365 and Izly.

The UnivOrleans app

Visuels application mobile


With the UnivOrleans app:

  • Check your course schedule in real time
  • Follow the University's newsfeed
  • Access the public transport hours easily
  • Receive notifications related to your student life (change of schedule, news, event on the campus...)

How to log in on the app?

  • Your username is made of the letter "o" in lower case followed by your student number (for example: o1234567)


The PAON Programme

PAON (Digital Welcome and Guidance Course) is the welcome and information programme for new students of the University. To access it, you must first set up your ENT digital account. 

description dispositif paon pour la rentrée 2023

The PAON programme is:

  1. Activating your digital account on the ENT*
  2. Setting up my digital tools on Moodle
  3. Taking a placement test on Moodle
  4. Getting help if your test result is below 15 thanks to mentoring


*The activation of your ENT account can only be done if your administrative registration is complete! (in particular for scholarship students).


Your ENT Account

Your digital account lets you access: your schedule, your emails (via your email address, your online courses on CELENE, various documentary resources and other services to be discovered.

With your student card, go to the ENT website and click on the “Activate my account” section ("Activer mon compte" in French).

If you do not have a student card yet, you can find your student number on the activation email.

If you cannot activate your account, you can contact 


Log On to the Campus Wifi: EDUROAM

Find all the information regarding the Wifi connexion and some useful tutorials in the Wifi section of our website.


Your Microsoft Office 356 Account

Following your ENT activation, you will receive an activation email for your Microsoft Account within 5 days (which is the same for Teams). 

  • To log on Teams and Microsoft 365, you must use the following login details: (the lower case letter "o" + replacing 12345 with your student number)
  •  When you first log on or if you forget your password, you can reset it yourself by clicking on
  • After that, please wait for 10 minutes before trying to log on again. 


Your Izly Account

Your Izly account (CROUS) allows you to pay for your meals in university restaurants, and to copy, print and scan documents with the libraries’ copy machines.

To activate your account, follow the instructions in the activation email that you have received from after your university registration.

If you encounter any difficulties, visit the website ("help" section where you will find an FAQ and several tutorials).


Access the PAON Programme

Are you a new student in the University of Orléans? Discover the digital tools with PAON (Digital Welcome and Guidance Course). Remember to activate your ENT account to access it!

Opening of the courses on the CELENE platform on August 21!

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at 

Digital Equipment

You don't have a laptop computer yet, or the one you currently own is too old for your studies?

Request without delay:

  • The loan of a PC for the whole university year via the PRESTO system;
  • Financial support from the University to buy yourself a laptop.

Don't wait any longer!

Activate Your Digital Accounts

The activation of your digital work environment (ENT) account is essential! You must activate it as soon as you are registered to access all the UO’s digital services.

You can activate your ENT account only if your administrative file is complete (particularly for students benefitting from scholarships).

Activating your ENT will allow you to activate your student mailbox. You will then be able to receive information on the activation of your other 2 accounts: Microsoft Office 365 and Izly.

Who to contact?

Who to contact:

  • For a registration or an unregistration to a CELENE course: teh teachers of the concerned courses
  • For an administrative issue with your university cursus: your College's registrar's office
  • For a technical issue with the University's digital tools:
  • For an issue with Izly:
  • For social support: the AIDE