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Back-to-School FAQ

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Whether you have questions regarding the administrative procedures, you want to know more on the back-to-school process at the University of Orléans or you need to contact your education office, this FAQ page is made or you! 

Where can I find the University calendar?

You can find it on the UO’s website or by clicking here.

How can I contact my College’s registrar's office?

Your registrar's office is here to answer all your questions about your education. Here is a list of contact details for registrar’s offices (telephone, email).

I am a new student at the UO, how can I discover more on the University?

For more information on all the UO’s advantages for students, you can read the “Studying in Orléans” booklet.

How can I know more about the UO’s various services for students?

You can check the “Managing Your Studies” section located on the website’s front page.

Where can I find my schedule?

Your schedule is located in your digital work environment (ENT). If you do not have your login details yet, simply enter your degree’s title and specialisation in the drop-down menu on the left.

What about community work?

Discover all about the student community projects here.

I have social difficulties, where can I find help?

The AIDE package is the University’s new support measure for students.

This welcoming place aims to support students individually and is open to all students who encounter difficulties. It is located between the Science lecture halls, near the “Parc Floral” tramway station.

Where can I find information on tuition fees and student benefits?

You can check the website’s tuition fees section.

Where can I find digital resources for studying?

The University offers various digital tools and resources to help you work, improve your knowledge, study and practice.

A dedicated training course will let you discover more on these resources at the beginning of the school year.

I have health issues, who can I contact?

A multidisciplinary team of health professionals awaits you in Orléans, Chartres and Bourges to help, listen, inform and guide you for free regarding your health. Learn more about the University health service here.