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Moonbike Challenge

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Get on your bike and join the Moonbike challenge with our Hungarian partner the University of Pécs!

Our partner the University of Pécs in Hungary is launching the MOON BIKE project, a campaign to  answer  the  challenges  of  this  new  situation  by emphasizing the benefits of a sporty and healthy lifestyle and building a community online, in order to stay in touch with  all students, partners, alumni.  As  a  Green University, they also wish to promote the bicycle as a means of transportation, much safer in the pandemic situation than public transportation and  much more environmentally- friendly. The goal is to ride the 384400 km between the Earth and the Moon.

Anyone can join the challenge starting June, 26th on their Facebook page. Anyone who wishes to participate only have to hop on their bike and make a screenshot of the covered distance in their preferred cycling app or take a photo of the bike computer and upload the image to the MoonBike  2020 Facebook page. If someone is using a stationary  bike, then take a picture of the display (with the distance showing) and upload that.

They will update the distance each day and post it on MoonBike 2020.
The Top Riders (most covered distance) will receive unique university gift packages.

If you have questions related to the campaign do not hesitate to contact the partner :