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DiLL (Digital Learning Lab)

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Support for digital innovation and entrepreneurship training courses.

New educational measure for students, VSE, SME-SMI and teachers.  


Started in November 2016, the "Disrupt' Campus" call for projects is a support measure for digital innovation and entrepreneurship training courses in higher education institutions, with students' business projects at the centre of the curriculum.
This new and original measure, financed by the Programme d’Investissement d’Avenir (PIA) [Investment for the Future Programme], and led by BPI France, with the help of the ANR, is based on 3 assessment criteria to evaluate the submitted projects:

  • Quality of the educational project
  • Ambition of the projects with businesses
  • Potential to generate economic development

The call for projects happened in two phases: 7 projects were selected on 2 May 2017, and another 10 on 13 October 2017, including the DILL (Digital Learning Lab).

1 - DiLL: a training course and a contest for local students and businesses

  •    Target audience

The DiLL's target audience reflects the open nature intended for this projects, promoting multidisciplinary dissemination and multi-disciplinarity in their projects: any student from the host institutions (INSA Centre-Val de Loire, University of Orléans, and University of Tours), employee or employer from a regional business, private individual as a part of continuing education, may join this programme.

  •     "DiLL challenge" contest description

Project teams made of students from all fields as well as employers and employees from businesses with an issue that could have a digital solution, supervised by a teacher/digital professional team, will work on a project for five months.
The teams divided in four project categories broadly covering the issues of digital transformation (e-commerce/connected objects/organisational impact and HR of digital transformation/digital creativity) will be challenged in a contest that will reward one team per category.

  •     Expected results

For students, this curriculum integrated in initial training will in time deliver a certificate; students will be faced with an operational, multi-disciplinary project, with a prize, that may lead them to innovation and/or an entrepreneurship project, that they may develop within the PEPITE Centre-Val de Loire system.
For the CEO or the employees of participating SME-SMI or for private individuals, DiLL will let them further develop their digital skills, and get support in their efforts for digital transformation, which could lead to economic growth and innovation (spin-off or intrapreneurship).
For teachers, DiLL will be an opportunity to experiment new educational methods, to offer and work on new themes, to identify research issues and to discover/support local start ups, to start or help along work in the form of a project with students and businesses.

2 - DILL: a training programme inspired by new teaching methods

DiLL uses a hybrid teaching method to new digital technologies as well as to new project and entrepreneurship management methods.
Courses will be divided in five themes to facilitate a step-by-step approach on digital issues, digital tools, project management, and entrepreneurship.

Gathered in a 70-hour training module, new and innovative on an educational level, the lessons to students and employees will be a mix of classroom sessions, workshops, online courses or filmed courses broadcast on the web, as well as IRL group events, punctuated by thematic conferences by recognised experts.

Exploring the ECI (collaborative innovation spaces: incubators, fab labs, R&D centres...), the places hosting the events, is an integral part of the DiLL project.
Finally, a specific digital platform dedicated to discussions and collaborative work for all project participants will be a key component of the system.

3 - DiLL: aims and spirit of a "disruptive" project

The DiLL project has a dual purpose:

  • Setting up the experimentation of new and innovative higher education curricula aiming to
    better prepare students to the new digital economy and its many challenges
  • Encouraging the adoption of new innovation practices (agility, user experience, effectuation) and the transition to new economic model.

DiLL intends to integrate into existing training programmes, providing a new, complementary perspective on the subjects taught, without ever replacing them.

4 - DiLL: a strong support of the local area and the ecosystem

Selected as a part of a PIA [Investment for the Future Programme] call for projects, overseen by the 3 Higher Education and Research institutions of the new COMUE - in collaboration with Pépite Centre-Val de Loire, DiLL is backed by
Institutions (Centre-Val de Loire region, cities, and local authorities),
Competitive centres and clusters gathering many local innovative businesses (Cosmetic Valley, S2E2, Polepharma, Elastôpole…),
Organisations, associations, and major actors of the entrepreneur ecosystem (GIP RECIA, Syntec, CCIs, MEDEF, Palo Altours, incubators...),
Digital start ups and (local and national) experts on digital transformation,
Businesses willing to become members of the system.
In the era of the 4.0 business, of digital transition, the DiLL's ambition is to become an active participant in this change, in order to properly prepare the new generations, leaders' future collaborators, tomorrow's entrepreneurs, and to support regional businesses in this new, emergent world.
Project start: phase 1 (pilot) September 2018.

5 - DiLL: a project gathering 3 institutions of the new COMUE Centre-Val de Loire.

Since 1 November 2017 (after the decree of 25 October 2017 was published), the INSA Centre-Val de Loire, the University of Orléans, and the University of Tours are all members of the new COMUE "Centre-Val de Loire", whose members also include the BRGM and Tours' CHRU.
The DiLL project, headed by the INSA Centre-Val de Loire, is the first to bring together the 3 Higher Education and Research institutions of the new COMUE - in collaboration with PEPITE Centre-Val de Loire.
Therefore DiLL, an innovative and inter institutions project, targets students from all 3 institutions, and in time hopes to be available for the COMUE's 60 000 students.