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Career plan

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Thinking and experimentation process.

Projet professionnel

The PPP is a mandatory course unit in the first or second year of a bachelor’s degree, offering students an environment conducive to the elaboration of a personal career project. This thinking and experimentation process is done in small groups led by a supervisor.
The supervisor (teacher, doctorate student) plays the facilitator for six work sequences (12 hours). Students are required to work alone and in groups.


Give meaning to your studies, explore the possibilities, learn about the professional world

Why this course unit?

Since the BMD European framework of university studies has been implemented, students are more than ever responsible for their educational path.
Creating a personal project is therefore crucial for new students, and will allow them to situate themselves and to give meaning to their studies.

Furthermore, with our environment growing ever more complex and uncertain, technological, economic, and social changes are accelerating. Anticipating the future is becoming difficult: it is necessary to learn to "readjust" one's objectives depending on ups and downs over the course of one's training and later in one's professional life.

Supporting our students to help them assimilate these new strategies is one of the university's tasks.

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phone (+33) 02-38-41-71-72 or 02-38-49-43-72, or come to the DOIP [Professional Orientation and Integration Office]