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Changing orientation

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Measures to switch orientation during the year

Measures to switch orientation in 1st year


Get your file

At the DOIP [Professional Orientation and Integration Office] during November of 2019.
Students on distant locations are to get their file at the service de scolarité (student affairs department) of their school. Any file withdrawal must be dated (mentioned on the first page of the file)


The measures to switch orientation are incorporated into the year-round activities for Professional Orientation and Integration.




1- Reorientation workshops (9am - 11 am or 2pm - 4 pm) led by the two educational psychologists (specialised in professional orientation counselling) of the DOIP.



This two-hour workshop offers:

  • some tools to assess students' interests and qualities
  • discussions to help and build on students' projects
  • information on courses and how to switch orientation
  • tailored support by the educational psychologists

Register by e-mail at, by calling (+33) 02-38-41-71-72 or (+33) 02-38-49-43-72, or by coming to the DOIP




2- Orient'express: psychologists specialised in professional orientation counselling are present from noon to 2pm for quick one-on-one interviews at the DOIP. Any student can come to ask questions about undertaking further studies, jobs, competitive recruitment examinations, switching orientation...





3- Secure your future: training bodies are assembled in the entrance hall of the UFR LLSH from 3pm to 7pm to show students other ways to change orientation (SPRO, CFA, CNAM, APEC...)


An information meeting is organised to introduce the two orientation possibilities offered by the Voltaire high school:

  • the three-term BTS Négociation Relation Clients [negotiation and customer relation]
  • the preparatory training module for service industry BTS

Switching orientation in second term: for what kind of programme?


All of the license programmes portals for the University of Orléans (depending on the number of places still available)

DUT (depending on the number of places still available)

In collaboration with Voltaire high school

  • BTS NRC over 3 terms
  • Preparatory training module for service industry BTS

BTS depending on the number of places still available

Degrees unavailable at the University of Orléans (students have to ask the relevant institution for information, such as conditions to switch to a new programme)

For additional information, please call the (+33) 02-38-41-71-72 or (+33) 02-38-49-43-72, or come to the DOIP


Switch orientation at the end of the year

Are you enrolled in 1st year and considering to change orientation at the end of the academic year?

Whether you're switching within the University of Orléans or to a training programme in another institution, you are required to apply on the "Parcoursup" platform.

Parcoursup lets you apply to selective training programmes (e.g. BTS, DUT, schools...) and for non selective programmes (license degrees, PACES).