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The premises of the Pôle Capteurs

Public branch

The public branch of the Pôle Capteurs is located in the area of Bourges' IUT.

The premises comprise two offices used by the entertainment team, as well as a meeting room, which can accommodate about 20 people.

The premises also contain the offices of several teacher-researchers who are members of the IRAUS pole of the PRISME laboratory.


Pôle Capteurs  photo de l'antenne d'animation


The GIS (group of scientific interest) MADONAH (day and night home care and assistance for elderly and/or disabled individuals) carries out research on home care.

To this end, it uses a control flat in the Résidences de Bellevue, in Bourges. "It's an automated and furnished flat, a standard type one, that allows to develop healthcare-related projects," Yves Parmantier (worker for the Pôle Capteurs Automatismes, coordinator of the GIS MADONAH) explained.

The flat allows for full-size tests, and in doing so increases patients' quality of life: "the flat can be used as a service by companies specialised in healthcare to test their medical devices, or to figure out solutions for patients. For medical doctors or occupational therapists, it allows to assess the individual in situ, and to solve issues related to dependency. Thanks to this facility, the individual can benefit from the monitoring of the residence's staff."
Its area size amounts to 110 m², and it comprises:

  • a bedroom (with an air transfer system, and a retractable wardrobe),
  • a bathroom (bathtub equipped with a solenoid valve, adjustable height toilets and furniture),
  • automatic door and windows,
  • home automation systems,
  • adjustable height kitchen,
  • a living room.

This flat is first and foremost a place to live and receive care which allows for real-life testing for people losing their autonomy. This in-vivo and in-situ testing can help the individual, his or her helpers, as well as the medical team to see what he or she needs, in terms of home care or institutionalisation.

The GIS MADONAH received the 'centre relais' (relay centre) label from the CNR Santé in 2012.

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Pôle Capteurs  photo du GIS MADONAH