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Financing partners


Logo AG2R La Mondiale
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AG2R La Mondiale

AG2R La Mondiale is a French non-profit organisation in life and assets insurance.

As a part of its policy to prevent loss of autonomy, AG2R, in collaboration with CARSAT CVL, started calls for projects aiming to support the development of new technologies and technical innovations for elderly welfare.

Logo Bourges Plus

Bourges Plus

is comprised of 16 towns and cities, united to provide everyday services and unified to prepare the future of the urban unit. Bourges Plus is entrusted with the management of some public services, such as waste collection and treatment, water supply and sanitation, public transport...
It also carries out actions in fields such as economic development, local urban development, urban travel...

Logo Grand Besançon

Le Grand Besançon

and its partners jointly support start-ups and development initiatives through suitable financial measures.


Logo Orléans métropole

Orléans Métropole gathers the necessary human and material resources to offer companies the ideal conditions for their development. The office for economic development regularly meets CEOs so as to enhance their knowledge of their activities and to offer relevant solutions to the various issues companies may be facing. Every year, over 300 companies get a visit.

Logo Conseil départemental du Cher
Conseil départemental du Cher Cher departmental council

The Cher department represents 19% of the surface area of the Centre region.
Through its investments, it contributes doubly to employment and to local economic development: by giving the Cher the necessary infrastructures for its development, and by directly supporting the different sectors of activities, especially those associated with innovation.

Logo Conseil départemental Indre-et-Loire
Thanks to its support system for the local economy, "Atout éco 37", the Conseil départemental d'Indre-et-Loire (Indre-et-Loire departmental council) helps developing companies so as to maintain and create local employment.

In complementarity and in keeping with the Region and inter-communal associations, Atout Eco 37 has several main goals: to provide very high speed networks to the main economic areas, to support disadvantaged regions (in urban and rural environments), to encourage innovation and the development of very small, small, and medium businesses (VSE-SME), and to promote projects aiming for sustainable development.

Logo Conseil départemental Loir-et-Cher
Encouraging innovation: the Conseil départemental du Loir-et-Cher (Loir-et-Cher departmental council) promotes companies' research projects as well as the establishment of ties between research laboratories and local companies.
Logo Conseil départemental du Loiret
To maintain the Loiret's position as a leader in terms of attracting companies and new jobs, the Conseil départemental du Loiret (Loiret departmental council) is an active partner to economic actors.
Logo DGE

Under the authority of the Ministry for the Economy, the Industry, and the Digital environment, the DGE's (Direction Générale des Entreprises/Directorate General for Enterprise) task is to ensure that companies in the fields of industry and services are competitive and can grow. This involves developing new sectors, especially in business services or services to individuals, supporting and promoting innovation, and anticipating and supporting economic change, with an objective of sustainable growth and employment.


Logo région Centre-Val de Loire

For the région Centre-Val de Loire (Centre-Val de Loire region), the point is on one hand to support research projects, whether they are carried out by laboratories within universities' and higher education institutions' research entities or by companies. These projects will provide the region with new assets for its socio-economic development. The Region's actions aim to reinforce exchanges and partnerships between laboratories and companies, which are the best sources of innovation.

Furthermore, scientific progress and technological development can only benefit society if they can be completely appropriated by the public: the knowledge of the implications and issues, the hopes but also the risks they carry must be shared. This dialogue between science and society is backed by actions to promote and disseminate scientific, technical, and industrial culture, which are strongly supported by the region.



Logo région Bourgogne Franche Comté


The région Franche-Comté (Franche-Comté region) supports the design and marketing of quality products and services. It helps companies to strengthen their human and financial resources, and makes the creation of new activities easier. For example, it builds the learning and public research strategies around companies' needs. Funding is granted to innovative projects and for the promotion of "made in Franche-Comté" exportation!


Logo région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine [Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (Aquitaine, Limousin, and Poitou-Charentes)] intends to have every big economic sector benefit from high quality research, so as to develop competitive economic actors, to prepare tomorrow's jobs, and to break the wall between the world of Research and the world of businesses.


Logo de la CARSAT CVL


The CARSAT Centre-Val de Loire  (retirement plan and work insurance) is a social security organisation with regional remit.

Within the framework of its policy against loss of autonomy, the CARSAT CVL, in collaboration with AG2R La Mondiale, has been starting calls for projects aiming to support the development of new technologies and technical innovations for elderly welfare.


Logo BPI France


Bpifrance supports companies so they can see the bigger picture and to help the emergence of tomorrow's leaders. From the setting up to stock exchange listing, from a loan to capital, Bpifrance offers in every region financing solutions adapted to every step in the life cycle of a business.




The Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER) European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) aims to reinforce economic and social cohesion within the European Union by correcting regional imbalances.
In short, the ERDF finances: direct aid to investments lade by companies (especially SME) to create long-term jobs; infrastructures particularly for research and innovation, telecommunications, environment, energy, and transports; financial instruments (venture capital funds, local development funds, ...) to support local and regional development and encourage cooperation between cities and regions; measures for technical assistance.



Industrial partners and laboratories


06 : France Silver Eco - 18: University of Orléans, Esterline, DGA TT, Nexter Munitions et Systems, MBDA, PRISME, GREMI, Lamé, EHPAD de Bellevue, CETIM Centre-Val de Loire, Thyssenkrupp, INSA CVL, SCANOPY, ADHAP Services, Acti-Com, Camérail, INRA, ROXEL - 25: Covalia, Pôle microtechniques - 28: Leoni, University of Orléans, EFJM - 31: Médipole Garonne - 36 : University of Orléans, PRISME, LENZI, Chambre d’agriculture de l’Indre - 37: AGILICOM, Pôle S2E2, University of Tours, Energio, STMicroelectronics, EasyLi, ETICS, LIFAT, CEA, INRA, CITERES, Institut Français du Vin, BBV - 38: Irlynx, id3 Technologies - 41: EMKA site de Sorec, CH Blois, AdEchoTech, Lamé, INSA CVL, Chambre d’agriculture de Loir-et-Cher, ZooParc de Beauval - 44: IREENA - 45: ATCOM Télémétrie, University of Orléans, MAQUET, PRISME, ICARE, GREMI, Thermor, OTIS, CRESITT Industrie, CHR Orléans, I3MTO, ISTO - 59 : LAMIH - 60: UTC - 69: Ampère - 75: EMKA - 78: Environnement SA - 85: Atlantic - 86: EasyLi - 87: Legrand, Cisteme, Atys Concept, XLIM, Havae, Autonom’lab, Pôle ALPHA Route des Lasers et des Hyperfréquences - 91: ITC Elastomères, Héraklès groupe SAFRAN, TSP, CYBELETECH - 92: DomusVi (seat)