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Building relationships with the socio-economic world is one of the University of Orléans' priorities.

Through our Foundation, we affirm our willingness to be involved on a local scale, to adapt the courses we offer to society's needs, and to promote the integration of our graduates into working life. Through its acts, the Foundation inserts the University of Orléans at the heart of a network made up of players from various backgrounds (former students, companies, associations, local authorities, private individuals...) who all share an ambition: to create and develop tomorrow's projects!

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Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE)

Through our President, the University of Orléans is also a member of the lot of national foundations.

The prominent aim of this Foundation is to contribute to the development of cultural, patrimonial, educational, academic, economic, and social initiatives on the scale of the metropolis of Orléans.

▼ Press release regarding the creation of the Orléans Foundation ▼