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For any specific questions, please contact the referent :

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For general information on the coronavirus and the official measures taken in France, please visit .

In order to answer students' questions, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation offers an FAQ section to answer questions about organization/adaptation of studies, continuation of services or high competitive exams.

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You are a student at the University of Orléans and wish to ask a question to the administrative services. (living and school conditions).

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I have an internship scheduled during the lockdown restrictions, can I go to my internship location?

NO. The Education Code (article L124-7) specifies that an internship cannot consist of carrying out a regular task corresponding to a permanent job, coping with a temporary increase in the activity of the host organization, holding a seasonal job or replacing an employee or agent in the event of absence. An intern cannot therefore be "indispensable to the exercise of the activity" of the company and therefore is not authorized to travel to the place of internship (decree of 16 March 2020 on the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus).

My internship can be done by teleworking. Can I do my internship?

YES. If physical presence is not required by the agreement or if the internship supervisor accepts that the missions entrusted to you are carried out remotely, you can carry out your internship by teleworking. It is however necessary to inform your program at the university, he/she will send you an amendment to the internship agreement for signature.

I cannot do my internship, will I have to repeat the year?

NO. Two possible cases:

  1. The pedagogical team of your program considers that your initially planned internship can be replaced by a work that can be done at a distance (report, other type of work…). You will therefore validate your internship module in another way.
  2. The pedagogical team of your program considers that the internship is essential for the validation of your year and your diploma: it is your program supervisor who will indicate you the measures taken for shortening or postponing the internship (beyond August 2020). These measures will be the subject of an amendment with the structure that welcomes you for the internship. You will not have to repeat a year because, if you successfully complete your program, the jury will meet during the year (after the internship period) to award you the diploma.

My internship is interrupted, will I be able to receive a gratification (bonus)?

NO. The internship gratification, which is compulsory for internships of more than two months, is unfortunately suspended when the internship is interrupted.

My internship or part of my curriculum was to take place abroad, can I go there?

NO. During the period of travel restrictions, mobility departures abroad (internships and teaching periods) are suspended. Alternatives will be offered to you. You have to contact your program supervisor and, if necessary, your internship supervisor or Erasmus+ agreement coordinator who will explain these teaching alternatives to you.

For all administrative and financial questions related to internships or studies abroad that have had to be cancelled, shortened or postponed, information will soon be put online in the dedicated section.

I am on a work-study program, do I have to go to my place of internship (company, administration...)?

For work-study programs (under an apprenticeship contract or professionalization contract), you are required to comply with the company's regulations and instructions during periods in the company. The calendar specifying the periods in the company and the periods of training at the university may be modified by your program supervisor, in agreement with the CFAs and the companies concerned.

I am under an apprenticeship contract, can I be placed in partial activity?

YES. The company may apply for the partial activity scheme in exceptional circumstances (article R. 5122-1 of the Labour Code). As an employee, the apprentice can also be placed in partial activity by the company. See here.

I had some exams to take, are they canceled?

NO. They are either maintained (reports, homework…) or adapted. Written exams and some oral assignments will not take place as initially planned. The pedagogical teams will propose, at the same time as the development of distance learning, a modification of the evaluation methods initially planned. They will inform you of these new modalities so that you have time to prepare for them. For the moment, the evaluations planned for the month of May can either be maintained (as long as we have no information on the end of the lockdown period) or modified (to be adapted to the modification of the teaching).

Will I get all the contents planned in my courses?

NO. In most cases, you will not be able to have all of the planned teachings. Some explanations, some support material will not necessarily have the same depth as that of the face-to-face courses. However, the pedagogical teams know the essential elements of your program (for the acquisition of knowledge and skills related to your diploma and for your further studies) and will put their work and energy in priority so that you acquire these fundamentals.

Will there be online courses?

YES. Your success is a priority for all the teams at the University of Orleans. You will therefore be contacted by your program supervisors (sometimes via your Faculties, Schools or Institutes) to explain how pedagogical continuity will be ensured. Depending on the course content, documents will be posted on CELENE, you will have activities (forums, homework), virtual classes may take place. Your teachers know the fundamentals you need to acquire and the most suitable means of transmitting them to you. They can rely on technical services (IT, distance learning, documentation service...). However, a small transition period will be necessary to adapt to this exceptional situation.

Will I have access to more online resources?

YES. To cope with this exceptional situation, the Service Commun de Documentation de l'Université d'Orléans (Library Services) has more than doubled our subscriptions to online resources. This means that you now have access to more than 50,000 books and thousands of French and foreign journals. You are invited to connect to the list of online resources or to go to the University Library web page. Do not hesitate to ask your teachers for reading references. You will also be able to consult the resources of the Universités Numériques Thématiques (UNT) (Thematic Digital Universities) which also offer you complementary resources, exercises, videos, quizzes, for your teaching in all disciplines. They are accessible in the footer of your CELENE platform.

I am in my final year of secondary education, will the context prevent me from going to university next year?

NO, IT WON'T. The Parcoursup campaign is not being changed. The documents for commissions examining the choices are completely dematerialized. The commissions will meet by videoconference and will proceed with the study of the applications normally. You will have the answers from the University of Orleans according to the initial schedule.

I would like to enroll at the University of Orléans for a professional Bachelor's or Master's degree, will I be able to do so?

YES. The e-candidate application on which you are registering is operational. For programs that require fully dematerialized applications, everything will go as planned. For programs that require the submission of "paper" application forms, you will be contacted depending on the situation. Thus, for campaigns ending in March and April, documents may be requested by email. For campaigns ending in May or June, the instructions will depend on the evolution of the travel restrictions (and on being able to retrieve your forms within the allotted time). In all cases, your registration on the e-candidate application allows us to keep a proof of your registration and to track your file. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact the service that manages your file via the application.

I have a contract as a student contractor with scheduled hours of work that cannot take place due to the closure of the university. Will I receive payment?

YES. A note from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), dated 20 March 2020, specifies this. Unless otherwise ordered by the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques (DGFiP), all contracts already signed by the University of Orléans, with hours scheduled in March and April that cannot be postponed, will be honored and payments will be made.

I feel lonely or anxious and I would like to be able to exchange with a professional, is it possible?

YES. A psychologist can be contacted by e-mail. Be careful, she will only propose telephone appointments, in order to respect the national rules of confinement. To contact her, you will have to fill in the form at the bottom of this page by choosing the HEALTH section and indicating your telephone number in the subject of the request, so that the psychologist can call you back.

I have a question about my health, can I get advice?

YES. If you have questions directly related to Covid-19, a national number is available 0 800 130 000 to answer them. Attention, this platform is not authorized to give medical advice, if you have signs of severe respiratory infections, with breathing difficulties and signs of choking, call 15 or 114 for people with difficulty speaking or hearing. IF you have more general questions about your health, our nurses will answer your questions. You will need to fill out the form at the bottom of this page by selecting the HEALTH section and entering your phone number in the subject line. Our nurses will get back to you. They are in contact with the SUMPPS doctors who will also be able to contact you by phone if necessary.

For any medical questions :


You are a student at the University of Orléans and wish to ask a question to the administrative services. Please fill in the following form

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