Université d'Orléans

Publications 2018

LEBRUN M, MIARD F, NANDILLON R, LEGER J-C, HATTAB-HAMBLI N, SCIPPA G.S, BOURGERIE S, MORABITO D (2018) Assisted phytostabilization of a multicontaminated mine technosol using biochar amendment: early stage evaluation of biochar feedstock and particle size effects on As and Pb accumulation of two Salicaceae species (Salix viminalis and Populus euramericana). Chemosphere 194: 316-326

Leloup J, Baude M, Nunan N, Meriguet J, Dajoz I, Le Roux X, Raynaud X (2018). Unravelling the effects of plant species diversity and aboveground litter input on soil bacterial communities. Geoderma 317: 1-7

SALLE A, JERGER R, VINCENT-BARBAROUX C, BAUBET O, DAHURON D, BOURGERIE S, LIEUTIER F (2018) Tree-killing aphid dramatically reduces bark contents in carbohydrates and nitrogen compounds. Forest Ecology and Management 407: 23-30