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Mundus program provided by Polytech Orléans offers a unique opportunity to obtain a French Master's degree in engineering


Polytech Orléans proposes a special program to international students who have been studying french as a foreign language. This program consists of spending one year studying French as a second language and acquiring European teaching methods (practice), before joining a two year Master cycle in French to get the worldwide recognized French engineer diploma.

Mundus students visiting the castle of Chambord

Program of the training

First year in France: the program consists in a total of 600 hours organized as follows:

  • French: 300 h
  • English: 100 h
  • Science: 100 h (4 x 25 h), including a 25 h unit of practice,
  • Project: 100 h

The project will be given by teachers of the specialties of engineering chosen by students for the 2 follwing years.

Second and third year in France: international students are enrolled in a Master class with French students, in order to obtain the French engineering diploma. The international students have the opportunity to choose one of the 5 specialties proposed by Polytech Orléans. Special attention is given to English since the minimal 785 score to the TOEIC test is requested to graduate from PolytechOrléans. These 2 final years are of low cost.


The Mundus program is offered to international students:

  • who are involved in year 1 of a Master's degree or possibly in year 3 of a Bachelor's degree in their home university
  • who want to learn to speak French and study in France
  • who want to live the French way of life and culture

Since 2008, the Mundus program have hosted more than 600 foreign students.


1st year program: the fees are 5.693 €, including:

  • Special contribution to student activities: 92 €
  • Registration fees: 601 €
  • Tuition fees: 5.000 €

2nd and 3rd year program: the fees are 693 €, including:

  • Special contribution to student activities: 92 €
  • Registration fees: 601 €


The Mundus Program of Polytech Orléans is an excellent opportunity. Foreign students are offered a unique chance to:

  • Obtain the Bachelor's degree in their home university,
  • Obtain a Master's degree from PolytechOrléans,
  • Obtain at least the B2 French level attested by a TCF test,
  • Reach a very good English level (at least 785 at the TOEIC test),
  • Have a strong International experience in a high level foreign country

Further information

For further contact please send an e-mail at : secretariat.mundus.polytech[at] (replace [at] by @)

Head of the program : Rachid HARBA, tél : 02 38 41 72 29, email :