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Mundus program provided by Polytech Orléans offers a unique opportunity to obtain a French Master's degree in Engineering

Polytech Orléans offers the possibility for foreign students:

  • who are involved in year 3 of a Bachelor's or in year 2 of a Bachelor's in their home university,
  • who would like to learn to speak French

to apply to the MUNDUS program. The Mundus program is a 12 years old program that have hosted more than 600 foreign students.

In addition to their local Bachelor, Polytech Orléans Mundus program offers a unique opportunity to obtain a Master's degree in Engineering of in one of the following majors: For these foreign students, it will be a 4 years course:

  • YEAR 0: during YEAR 0 of the Mundus program, foreign students stay in their home university to complete their year 4 of the Bachelor's (4+3 students) or to obtain year 3 of the Bachelor's (3+3 students). In parallel, students must take at least 300 hours of French classes in addition to their Bachelor studies to achieve a A2 French level. The A2 French level will be tested by teachers of Polytech Orléans in March or April through a meeting in person or by Skype. Their teaching records will also be examined. If both the A2 French level is reached and the academic records are of high quality, students who applied will receive from Polytech Orléans Director an official letter of admission in the Mundus program. Students will have to ask the French Visa to French local authorities in their home country. At the end of this academic year, the 4+3 students will graduate in their home university. The 3+3 students will graduate from their home university the following year as explained in the next section.
  • YEAR 1: this year (called Mundus year) and the following 2 years, will take place at Polytech Orléans. All courses during these 3 years will be taught in French language (except English classes). Students from MUNDUS dedicate the first year in PolytechOrléans to improving their French language to obtain the B2 French level, to immersing themselves in French culture, to studying pre-major courses and finally to taking English classes. Teaching units are organized in 2 semesters according to a yearly-set calendar. There are approximately 300 hours of supervised teaching within a semester for a total of 600 hours for the year (300 hours are dedicated to learning the French language). Students must validate the 2 MUNDUS semesters, and reach the level B2 of French level attested by an official TCF test that takes place at the end of the academic year. Tuition fees are of €4.000 for the MUNDUS year. A specialty project can also be achieved within MUNDUS course in order to validate the Bachelor's degree in their home countries (for example Benke for Chinese students doing a 3+3 course). The project supervised by one of the school’s teachers will lead to the writing of an English report and an oral presentation. The detailed program of the Mundus year can be downloaded following this link.
  • YEAR 2 and YEAR3: students join the classical engineering studies at Polytech Orléans according to standard rules of Polytech Orléans. Students from MUNDUS will study in the same classes as any other student from the school. The engineering curriculum is specific to each specialty and can be structured in options from the 4th or 5th year. Once YEAR2 is passed, students join YEAR3 and can graduate from Polytech Orléans in their given major. Special attention is given to English since the minimal 785 score to the TOEIC test is requested to graduate from PolytechOrléans. These 2 final years are of low cost. This is explained by the fact that educational cost are taken in charge by the French Government to respect the equality principle written in the French constitution.

Conclusion :

The Mundus Program of Polytech Orléans is an excellent opportunity. Foreign students are offered a unique chance to:

  • Obtain the Bachelor's degree in their home university,
  • Obtain a Master's degree from PolytechOrléans,
  • Obtain at least the B2 French level attested by a TCF test,
  • Reach a very good English level (at least 785 at the TOEIC test),
  • Have a strong International experience in a high level foreign country


For further contact please send an e-mail at :

Head of the program : Rachid HARBA, tél : 02 38 41 72 29, email :