Université d'Orléans

LAME Master programme

Languages, business and European management

A 2-year English-taught masters programme combining courses in languages, culture, business and management studies.

2016 LAME students

The Master’s degree in Languages, Business and European Management offers non-francophone students the opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge in subjects such as European management, financial management, European law and European Business law. Students also follow an intensive French language program.


Information leaflet


Course overview (First year)

Course overview (Second year)

Course overview (Second year - dual education / alternance)

Syllabus 2018-2019 (First year)

The application process for the 2019 intake (graduation in 2021) starts in February 2019. Only complete applications using the appropriate form will be considered.
Application form LAME 1 - 2019

If you live in one of the 42 countries concerned, you need to use the Campus France procedure ("Etudes en France").

Required for the University of Orléans application procedure:

- the application form, carefully completed

- a presentation of your motivations for applying for this programme

- a summary of a thesis, extended essay or internship report that you have written in the current or a previous academic year

- a presentation of your future career plans

- a detailed CV including academic studies and professional experience

- certified true copies of your degree certificates

- translations in French language of your degree certificates, approved by an official authority

- transcripts – in French or English – of your grades for the degree(s) you have obtained

- English certificates you have obtained (TOEFL, TOEIC etc.) - see below

- a brief summary of the curriculum of the degree programmes you have attended (copied from the relevant handbook or  university website) – in English or French

- work and / or internship certificate

- one ID photo, a copy of your passport

English level:

A minimum English level is required to apply for this programme.

- If you come from an English-speaking country or if you have obtained a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in English studies (literature, linguistics etc.), you will not have to take an English language level test before applying. However, the selection board might request an interview by means of videoconference.

- If you are from a non-English-speaking country and you have obtained a degree in a field other than English studies, you will have to present a minimum score at one of the following English tests. This corresponding CEFR level is C1 (proficiency).


Name of the test

Minimum score required to apply

TOEIC Listening and Reading


(paper-based test)


(computer-based test)


(internet-based test)




Cambridge English Exams

Certificate of Advanced English

Application deadlines:

Campus France procedure: 20 March 2019

Non-EU students applying for campus accommodation at the same time: 12 April 2019

EU students applying for campus accommodation at the same time: 30 April 2019

Non-EU students (without campus accommodation): 15 May 2019

EU students (without campus accommodation): 15 June 2019


Fees (amounts under review for 2019-2020):

Tuition fees: 243 € per year (2018-19)
Compulsory CVEC contribution: 90 € per year (2018-19)

For further information please contact master.lame.llsh@univ-orleans.fr


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