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Date2009, January, 12th
PlaceLIFO, Université d'Orléans, Salle de réunion 1 (1st floor)


The workshop New Worlds of Computation concentrates on models of computation that fall out of the Turing context:

The classical Turing computability has been THE paradigm for computation for more than half a century. In less than two decades, various paradigms have been proposed (invented, discovered or reframed) and communities have emerged: computable analysis, algebraic models, Quantum computing, DNA, Cellular automaton... All of them fall outside the classical context because they manipulate objects that are just out of the classical scope (infinite objects or uncountably many values) or continuous or infinite time. Unfortunately, there is no miraculous generalized Church-Turing thesis (nor specialized analog nor...).

The workshop aims at gathering researchers of a scattered but wide off-Turing community in order to share points of view and bring forth the common problematics. The audience aimed at is roughly the same as:


Fares FREE

It includes: lunch, coffee break(s), proceedings.