Various Prolog Pages

This page contains links to an assortment of pages with useful information or applications of Prolog.

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It is perpetually under construction.

The Prolog FAQ

Prolog Implementations: Public Domain or Semi Commercial

B-Prolog CIAO
GNU Prolog SWI Prolog

Prolog Implementations: Commercial

ALS Prolog Amzi! Prolog
BinProlog LPA Prolog
PDC Prolog Prolog-IV
Sicstus Prolog Trinc Prolog

Utilities for Prolog

Converts Prolog code to HTML for documentation.
A library for constructing CGIs in Prolog

Other links

The home pages for l'Association francaise pour la programmation en logique et la programmation par contraintes
The home pages for the North American Logic Programming Association
The Association for Logic Programming Web site
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Logic Programming
The Network of Excellence in Inductive Logic programming
Constraint Programming and Logic Programming at INRIA
University Polytechnic of Madrid, Logic Programming Repositories and Resources

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