Live demonstrations of Prolog

Written with GNU Prolog
making use of the PiLLow Prolog -CGI library.
Live demonstration of the formal specification for Prolog
Piere Deransart, and
AbdelAli Ed-Dbali,
produced an executable formal specification for Prolog as part of the process of the creation of Part 1 of the standard.

The specification is an annex to the standard. Furthermore this executable specification is available by FTP.

Live Examples of the use of write options
Write options control the use of quotes and operators in output.
Using exceptions
Simple code that shows how exceptions might be used for simple type/mode checking.
The effect of Character Conversion
Shows the effect of character conversion when reading terms using read_term.

Author: J.P.E. Hodgson
Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia PA 19131

Last Changed: 1999/06/14