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Past members: Louis Gesbert, Hideki Hashimoto, Masato Takeichi, Sylvain Dailler




  • Frédéric Loulergue, Simon Robillard, Julien Tesson, Joeffrey Legaux, and Zhenjiang Hu. Formal Derivation and Extraction of a Parallel Program for the All Nearest Smaller Values Problem. In ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC), Gyeongju, Korea, 2014. ACM Press. to appear.
  • Frédéric Loulergue, Virginia Niculescu, and Simon Robillard. Powerlists in Coq: Programming and Reasoning. In First International Symposium on Computing and Networking (CANDAR). IEEE Computer Society, 2013. to appear.
  • Joeffrey Legaux, Zhenjiang Hu, Frédéric Loulergue, Kiminori Matsuzaki, and Julien Tesson. Programming with BSP Homomorphisms. In F. Wolf, B. Mohr, and D. Ney, editors, Euro-Par 2013 Parallel Processing, number 8097 in LNCS, pages 446-457. Springer, 2013
  • J. Tesson and F. Loulergue. A Verified Bulk Synchronous Parallel ML Heat Diffusion Simulation. In 11th International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2011), Procedia Computer Science. pages 36-45, Elsevier, 2011.
  • L. Gesbert, Z. Hu, F. Loulergue, K. Matsuzaki, and J. Tesson. Systematic Development of Correct Bulk Synchronous Parallel Programs. In The 11th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies (PDCAT). IEEE Computer Society, 2010.
  • J. Tesson, H. Hashimoto, Z. Hu, F. Loulergue, and M. Takeichi. Program Calculation in Coq. In Thirteenth International Conference on Algebraic Methodology And Software Technology (AMAST2010), LNCS 6486, pages 163–179, Springer, 2010
  • H. Hashimoto, Z. Hu, J. Tesson, F. Loulergue, and M. Takeichi. A Coq Library for Program Calculation. In JSSST Conference on Software Science and Technology, 2009.


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