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Masters Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses (MIAGE)


The discipline MIAGE lasts three years from the third year of Bachelors (discipline Computer Science pathway MIAGE) to the Masters (discipline MIAGE).

It aims to produce executives in computer science, specialists in information systems leading the engineering methods and their applications in business. This discipline also provides competence in management and communication (in French and in English).

This pathway of the discipline has a strong professional emphasis (multiple projects, 10 months of outplacements in business, 30% of visiting professionals,…) and conforms to the national MIAGE program recognised in 20 French universities.

A council of improvement integrating representatives from the world of business helps harmonise specialism pathways, towards teaching, notably in terms of career opportunities.

The discipline MIAGE is available while studying or when subsequently employed. It is also available as online distance learning thanks to the digital campus “International e-mi@ge”.

Content of the discipline

On competition of the second year, admission in the Bachelors MIAGE is determined by an admissions panel after scrutiny of your application and eventual interview.

Year Three of the Bachelors ends with a 3 to 4 months business outplacement.

After graduation, the Masters MIAGE lasts for two years with 700 hours of tuition during the first year and 550 hours (core curriculum) in the second year (two specialisms to be chosen).

During the course many projects prepare students for the reality of the professional world. At the end of the Masters a 6 months business outplacement allows students to work at the level of an engineer in France or overseas.

The tuitions is divided between 6 different areas :

Information Systems Engineer  15%
Sciences and Computer Science technology 25%
Mathematics for Computer Science and Business Organisation 15%
Management of Organizations 15%
Communication and Living Languages 10%
Profesionnalization 20%


Specialism in the last year Masters

Two specialisms are available in final year of Masters:

  • Spécialism SIR – Information Systems :
    This specialism is designed to provide high level competence in the distribution of information systems, including notably network and security issues but also the management aspect which is invaluable in driving business information systems.
  • Spécialism SIMSA – Information Systems of Social and Insurance Professions :
    Associated with the discipline which is oriented to the techniques and methodology of computer science, this specialism prepares students for a wide range of competences in the planning and insurance sectors. This specialism permits students both to find job opportunities – mainly in the Centre Region – but also to progress rapidly during the course of their career.



It is possible to integrate in the last year of your Masters one of the specialisms available from another university in the national MIAGE network.

The pedagogical team of MIAGE in Orleans also favours the international study program and suggest a semester or a year of study in an overseas University in Europe or the United States.


The Masters MIAGE benefits from a partnership established with IBM, SOPRA Group, CAP Gemini and ATOS Origin.

Job opportunities

  • Information systems analyst and developer 
  • Resource Management, Database administrator
  • Internet and multimedia expert
  • Decision making systems expert

After several years of experience 

  • Project head 
  • ERP consultant, e-business consultant
  • Information systems architect, DSI

Rate of employment: 98% after 1 month

The strenght of the network :

20 MIAGE in France
National network of MIAGE : www.miage.fr
Distance learning “International e-mi@ge” : www.e-miage.org