Workshop on High-level Methodologies for Grammar Engineering

List of accepted papers

The accepted papers are (by alphabetical order):

Workshop program

Monday August, 12 2013
11h00-11h30 Antske Fokkens and Emily M Bender.
Time Travel in Grammar Engineering: Using a Metagrammar to Broaden the Search Space
11h30-12h00 Johannes Dellert, Kilian Evang and Frank Richter.
Kahina: A Hybrid Trace-Based and Chart-Based Debugging System for Grammar Engineering
12h00-12h30 Demo Session 1
Kahina: an environment for grammar engineering
Tuesday August, 13 2013
11h00-11h30 Guy Perrier and Bruno Guillaume.
FRIGRAM: a French Interaction Grammar
11h30-12h00 Emmanuel Schang.
Extended Projections in a Guadeloupean TAG Grammar
12h00-12h30 Demo Session 2
Leopar: a parser for Interaction Grammars
Wednesday August, 14 2013
11h00-11h30 Antske Fokkens and Tania Avgustinova.
SlaviCLIMB: Combining expertise for Slavic grammar development using a metagrammar
11h30-12h00 Demo Session 3
eXtensible MetaGrammar 2: a langage for describing linguistic resources
12h00-12h30 Timm Lichte, Alexander Diez and Simon Petitjean.
Coupling Trees and Frames through XMG
Thursday August, 15 2013
11h00-11h45 Noémie-Fleur Sandillon-Rezer.
Clustering for categorial grammar induction + demo
11h45-12h30 Richard Moot.
A Type-Logical Treebank for French + demo
Friday August, 16 2013
11h00-11h30 Ned Letcher and Tim Baldwin.
Constructing a Phenomenal Corpus: Towards Detecting Linguistic Phenomena in Precision Grammars
11h30-12h30 Stefan Müller.
The CoreGram Project: Theoretical Linguistics, Theory Development and Verification + demo: Coregram: a set of electronic grammars sharing core constraints

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