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LIFO - Bâtiment IIIA
Rue Léonard de Vinci
B.P. 6759
F-45067 ORLEANS Cedex 2

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Tel: +33 (0)2 38 41 99 29
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Coming to LIFO

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Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale d'Orléans
Batiment IIIA
Rue Léonard de Vinci
B.P. 6759
F-45067 ORLEANS Cedex 2

How to reach LIFO (Orléans la Source campus)

By train (French national railways = SNCF, train station = "gare SNCF")

Most visitors reach Orleans via Paris, except if travelling from the south-west (Toulouse, Bordeaux). Travelling from Paris to Orleans is easy using one of the many direct trains leaving Austerlitz station.

There are two train stations in Orleans. The first one from the north is "les Aubrais" a few kilometers to the north of the city centre. The second is the central train station "gare d'Orléans". All trains stop at les Aubrais but not always at the gare d'Orléans. But for the few trains not coming to gare d'Orleans there is a shuttle train from les Aubrais to Orleans. Passengers should check their tickets regarding the final destination and disembark at les Aubrais in case of doubt. The Paris-Orleans trip lasts a little more than an hour.

The "La Source" campus and LIFO can be reached by tramway or taxi from both train stations.

By Tramway (run by TAO)

To reach the "La Source" campus and LIFO's building from Orléans, including Les Aubrais, it is preferable to take the tramway direction "Hôpital de la Source". Tramways run every 6 minutes. Commuting to the campus takes about 30 minutes from the gare d'Orléans and 45 minutes from gare des Aubrais.

Tickets for the tramway are bought from automatic vending machines on the tracks and should be validated (in the yellow punching machines) inside after boarding. The tramway stop closest to LIFO is called "Université - Parc Floral, as shown on the campus map where the tramway line is blue.

By Car

Refer to the map of Orléans. The city is connected by national route 20 (N20) and autoroutes 71 and 10 (A71, A10).
From Paris or Roissy (CDG airport), take the A10 direction Bordeaux/Nantes. After 100kms, i.e. after the "Orléans nord" exit, take the A71 towards Bourges (NOT Bordeaux). A few kms further, take the Orléans-sud exit signed "Olivet, Orléans la Source" and marked as exit number 2 on this A71. After the toll station go straight east towards Orléans La Source. Go through the commercial area and the two traffic lights. At the third traffic light you will have reached the lower-left corner of the campus. LIFO is at the opposite, upper-right, corner about 1km away at the angle of rue de Chartres and rue Léonard de Vinci.
If you arrive by car from the South or South-East there are two possibilities: either follow the A6 in direction of Paris, exit at Montargis and reach Orléans by national roads, or pass through Clermont-Ferrand and exit the A71 at the "Orléans-Sud" exit (see the above description).

Map of the campus


Bourges Site (at INSA Centre-Val de Loire)

LIFO / INSA Centre Val de Loire
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18000 Bourges

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