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LMV : Languages, Models and Verification

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Associate Professor (with accreditation to supervise research)

Assistant Professor

Doctoral Student

Researcher - other status

The LMV research group works on the following research topics :

  1. Program correctness Logic, tools and applications for interactive verification:
    • Logic's and frameworks for static analysis and proof of programs (taking into account parallelism),
    • systematic development (i.e. correctness by construction) of correct parallel programs,
    • compiler verification (to increase the trust in the previous results)
  2. System verification Theory, algorithms and tools for the automatic verification of systems:
    • verification of infinite systems by over-approximation of tree automata,
    • semantics of parallelism, partial order techniques,
    • first order logic,
    • decidability of unification modulo a theory.
  3. Cross-cutting issues:
    • verification of verification tools and validators,
    • comparison, interaction and combination of verification techniques.

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