Ioan Todinca

Professor, Univ. Orléans

LIFO/Computer science department

Research topics

I work on graph algorithms, especially on several approaches for NP-hard optimization problems: exact (moderately exponential) algorithms, parameterized algorithms, graph classes. We have developed techniques related to tree decompositions and treewidth, based on minimal separators and potential maximal cliques.
I am also interested in distributed algorithms, especially in distributes models where the amount of communication is very small, e.g., the broadcast congested clique.
For more details, see my publications.


My teaching is mainly in algorithms, graphs and discrete structures, programming projects, to undergraduate and masters students of the Computer Science department. I also used to teach databases, C programming, compiling, software engineering, linear programming.
The teaching material is hosted on the Celene platform of the university.


Various responsabilities at the Univ. Orléans: Institut thématique pluridisciplinaire Modélisation, Systèmes, Langages (grouping the mathematics, computer science, economics, linguistics and automatics research laboratories, since april 2014), école doctorale MIPTIS (doctoral school on Mathematics, Informatics, Theoretical Physics and System Engineering, 2012-2014), the undergraduate program in computer science (2007-2011), the team Graphs, Algorithms and Models of Computation of the LIFO laboratory (2008-2012).